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Choosing Home Theater Speakers for Your Video Room

This is a great time to choose home theater speakers for your video room in your home.  The variety available is amazing and though prices have not declined you will get more speaker for the same money with the new models.  When shopping for speakers keep in mind that what you are doing is finding surround sound speakers that will blend well with your theater components and will sound right in your room.

Buying an underpowered sound system for a larger room or a room with cathedral ceilings is guaranteed to disappoint you.  When you talk to a salesman, define how you will use the spekers and what you expect from them.  Better yet, visit one of the many websites devoted to home entertainment.  Many of them have interactive forms where you can enter information about what you need and the space you have and then receive a list of recommendations for sound units that would work for you.

You should visit several sites when doing this as many of them are representatives for one or two manufacturers and you want a wide variety to choose from.  One of the most difficult decisions to stick to is how much you are willing to pay for your new speaker system.  For that reason, narrow your potential choices to one or two in each price range and then compare those to make your choice.

A tower system works well for home video sound.  When we hear the word tower, we often think of the older, huge speaker but new models are only 2-3 feet tall and 8-10 inches in width.  They are also much more attractive than the models of a few years ago.  Many consumers prefer to add an amplifier and this will affect the size and power of the speaks you choose.  A hodpodge of products that are mismatched can result in a substandard listening experience.

To place your speakers, you can use furniture or shelves or purchase special stands to keep them at the same level as the people in the room.  There is not always a need for running yards and yards of speaker wire across the floor or into the ceiling space as many products are now wireless.  Another alternative is the availability of adapters to change wired products into wireless but these are best used sparingly.

Speaker strength is measured by watts with most quality products having an output of 200 watts or higher.  Once you have made your choice you are ready for the fun part.  The last item installed in your theater area is usually the home theater speakers.  Installation is easy to do and it won't be long till you can relax in your favorite chair enjoying high quality sound.