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For Comfort - Home Theater Seating Is The Ticket

The availability of home theater seating has exploded with the popularity of massive entertainment rooms.  After all, what is the point of having a huge screen television or an expensive projector system if you aren't comfortable while using it? 

As with many home decor products, the seating ranges from simple couches and recliners to refurbished antique move theater seating and sleek modern stadium seating designs.  Viewing websites selling these seats it is clear that this is a new status symbol in high end homes.

Home seating chairs are often what we call recliners but the designs are quite different from the recliner in your family room.  Extra cushioning in the headrest automatically raises your head to a comfortable viewing position with no need for additional neck or head pillows.  Most of these chair are leather with the main design difference being in the area of the arm rests.  The wide, squared arms often have built in drink holders and snack holders which eliminates the need for several side tables and allows the chairs to be placed in a row in front of the screen.  Other reclining viewing chairs have ergonomically rounded armrests while still others have armrests that can be raised or lowered. 

Theater seating may reflect the traditional big theater design with seats that raise and lower and one popular version has the appearance of first class seats on a plane.  There is no lack of innovative design here and finding color is not a problem.

If you are on a budget, you can find used versions that were available when home theaters first became popular.  The fabrics are usually in a tight weave velvet or an industrial type upholstery yet the color choice is good.  Legs and armrests (with molded cupholders) on these used models are of heavy plastic or painted steel with fixed backrests.  The main drawback of this seating is that most of the models available must be attached either to the floor or to a base of wood or other rigid material with screws to provide stability. 

With costs ranging from about $100 for used versions to $800 and UP for new designs, it is likely that your choice of home theater seating will be based primarily on your budget.