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Increase Comfort with a Home Theater Recliner

The latest furniture specialty is the home theater recliner.  Do you remember the days of sitting in the standard chairs of a movie theater - and the relief as you stood and stretched when the film ended?  Though heavily padded, the inability to adjust those seats meant they didn't quite fit anyone well.  For many homeowners, those narrow seats are only a memory.

Home theater rooms have been around for quite some time - but were referred to as viewing rooms and limited to those with sufficient funds to indulge in custom designed home systems and furniture.  In the 1990's, manufacturers made projectors, screens and sound systems available to the general public and they were an immediate hit.  Though still expensive, homeowners pay a fraction of the price of the original viewing rooms of the rich.

Furniture manufacturers quickly saw the opportunity provided to them and developed comfort-based theater seating.  These designs take into account viewing area and angles and are designed so as not to interfere with the movie viewer's experience of the surround sound systems installed in the theater rooms.  Not surprisingly, the first versions of the home seating arrangements were designed to mimic old fashioned theater seats, with plastic arms and bases that were meant to bolt to the floor.  They were designed in rows of 3-5 chairs that were permanently attached to each other.

Before long large manufacturers had launched collections that were more in keeping with other furniture used in the customer's home.  One of the most popular versions is the home theater recliner that is produced by company's that have been specializing in this item for many years.  La-Z-Boy and Lane have used the same comfortable styling they are known for and translated those styles into movable and practical versions that totally remove the stadium aspect.

The collections include chairs that are double, single, left- or right-armed, armless - all available in a wide range of fabrics.  There are wedges, consoles, attached tables and cup holders, yet the designs are carefully done to preserve the movie experience of all viewers in the room.  These styles are reminiscent of the modular and sectional couch seating, except that they provide a specific area of personal space for each viewer.  A very positive point is that the pricing of home theater seating has decreased as the comfort level has increased.