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Choosing Your Home Theater Decor

The increasing popularity of home theater rooms has resulted in an increase in the availability of home theater decor items.  The companies selling the basic receivers, screens and speaker systems have abandoned the clunky square versions and new models are well designed with low, unobtrusive profiles and decorative details such as exotic woods appear on the higher end models.

With viewing screens that are placed flat against a wall, many homeowners add richly textured curtains to hide the screen to mimic the velvet curtains opened in movie theaters just as the film begins.

A large part of the budget in designing such a viewing room will be spent on the seating.  From linked chairs that copy the design of traditional movie houses to specially designed recliners providing total comfort, the design options have increased rapidly.  The chairs and loveseats are carefully crafted so as to not limit the viewing area of others in the room with lower backs designed so as not to block the surround sound experience.

Not to be missed are the unique accessories sold just for this special family room.  Game tables for those who enjoy doing two things at once, wall sconces with dimmers, blackout shades for any windows in the room, and novelty drink holders are just a few of the offerings.    Posters of old time movie stars are quite popular and often designed to look like a film strip are matched to wallpaper borders printed with Hollywood era memorabilia.  There are authentic clapboards, movie tickets, velvet pillows stitched with theatrical designs, round wall clocks with dim lighting on the inside edge – just as we used to see in commercial theaters.

You can buy copies of movie award trophies such as the Oscar in many sizes, have a disc made that provides a personalized introduction to the movies you show, and even buy an authentic EXIT sign.

One of the most popular products is the popcorn machine.  From small table top varieties to full sized models with the rich butter sauce used in theaters, the popcorn machines are one of the most often purchased home theater decor items.