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Affordable Home Theater System Rooms

For those who enjoy their movies, a home theater system room is rapidly moving away from being classified as a luxury.  Not too many years ago only the most expensive and opulent homes were graced with a room design for viewing movies.  The expense and room floor space required for projection televisions were beyond the reach of middle class family homes.  Technology introduced the flat screen and shortly thereafter digital and plasma TVs became available.

As the technology became mainstream, the prices dropped and the demand for large home video systems continues to grow.  More and more often, homeowners are including a video room when choosing the design for their new home.  The large screen led to rooms designed for viewing TV and movies.  This is quite a change in direction from years of trying hide home entertainment from view.

Interiors designers no longer recommend cabinets or closets to hide the entertainment components as they did year after year.  Instead, they design seating areas and sound systems, turning rooms into real family theaters.  The rooms are multi-purpose, with the goal of an area where technology is the center of attention.

Families play video games, listen to music from multiple speakers placed strategically around the seating in the room, and watch the latest movies without having to leave home or even open cabinet doors. Designers of the audio and video components no longer try to make the television itself appear as traditional furniture.  Instead, the units are big and sleek with blank and stainless steel or chrome.  These TVs are meant to be seen!

The next step was a logical one - seating.  Comfortable couches, often with recliners built in.  Chairs you sink into with a small table for drinks and snacks.  Recessed lighting has become the standard and it is even possible to purchase stadium-type seats for use in your home.

It is no longer necessary to drive miles to a movie theater, pay high prices for entrance, popcorn and drinks.
Whether you place your home theater system in a corner of a large room or designate an entire room for the purpose, one thing is certain - this will be an area of your home that will be heavily used by your family.


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